When investing in real estate property, 3 things to consider that contribute to capital appreciation are Location, Location and Location.

According to biblical creation story, when God created the earth it was empty and void. There was no structure, no skyscraper, no bridges and so many more of what we are enjoying now. But, as times goes on developments started creeping in whereby we started having structures which makes the earth habitable for us.

As it was in the beginning so it is happening now. There is no new thing under the sun anymore. Most of the high catchment areas where we have the most beautiful buildings and skyscrapers nowadays were once a forest, a bush or a desert.

And the most contributing factors to the sudden transformation of these places are economic indicators and government policies. When this policies are being formulated, they contributes immensely to the demand pressure of lands and properties in the location where the policy will be effected which in turns leads to increase in value of landed properties in such locations.

This is the topmost secret of the BIG BOYS in real estate investment. They acquires land and properties in area at fringe of development, build structures on it and wait for development to come which leads to increase in demand and thereafter increase in value.

As a real estate consultant, let me quickly role out some of the places you can purchase landed properties in Lagos at very affordable prices because in the shortest period of time, the present of government will skyrocket the prices of land(s) in this locations.


If I say this place is the new heartbeat of Lagos economy it is not an exaggeration. Ever since I saw the plan government has for this location I have no choice than to fall in love with it and I’ll never cease to let those with ears hear words until they invest here. Development coming here is very massive and at same times full of opportunities.

Some of the key attraction that makes this place an hot cake are The Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ), The Export Processing Zone (EPZ), China Free Trade Zone (CFTZ), Dangote Petrol and Petrochemical Refineries, Dangote Cement Factory, New Deep Sea Port, New International Airport, Fourth Mainland Bridge, Pan Africa University (Permanent Site), La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Present of Several 21st Century Standard Residential Estates.


These 4 locations are in Ogun state (Lagos/Ibadan Expressway) and were in line with the mega city project of the Ogun state government.

If you invest in landed properties in these 4 locations you’ll never regret making such decision because these locations are hot cakes and fast developing. About 4 years ago, a plot of land sold here for N500,000 but now same plot goes for N4,000,000 with a calculated projection to sell for N6,000,000 before the end of this year based on the ongoing construction works and other key attractions

The key attractions here that contribute to the rapid lands appreciation here are; the ongoing reconstruction of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway, the 4th Mainland Bridge, Nestle Nigeria PLC, Redeemer University, Mountain Top University, Present of several residential estate, Commercial centres etc.


Another very hot location where massive development is ongoing is Ikorodu, in Lagos state. If you invest your money here, you should be rest assured that in the shortest period of time your returns on investment will be massive as well.

Let see some of the contributing factors to the rapid development of this location. They include; the fourth mainland bridge, newly constructed 6 lane mile 12/Ikorodu expressways, present of several neighbourhood estates, Caleb University etc

If you desire to make tomorrow better then the best time to start planning is today.